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The Buss Group

One for all.  

The Buss shipping company has been existing already for several generations. Its roots date back to the era of sailing ships. Like in former times, today’s experienced captains of the Buss family have the company rudder firmly in their hands and as before they maintain their course for increased growth both in the commercial and nautical-technical sectors. This is not least due to the creative inspiration, new ideas and experienced farsightedness of the entire company team - shorebased and seagoing.

The Buss Group fleet of nearly 50 ships is at home on all the world’s seas as the constantly increasing flow of goods between countries and continents can only be economically and ecologically overcome with this means of transport. That the Buss Group has always followed the correct route can be seen by both the well-developed fleet and also by investments of the shipping company into a high quality and safety management.

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